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In this week's installment of Enginuity's 'Quality is no Object' Awards, where we take pictures of the hilariously questionable things we find done by other contractors at our jobsites...

This is probably funnier to mechanical folks that will recognize this pump type. This is not a labeling mistake, this type of pump needs to be installed with the shaft in a horizontal position with the motor assembly removed and rotated to accommodate the orientation. Tip: Reading the installation manual is always a good idea...

Confessions of a Mechanical Contractor

This month we were featured in PA Community Banker's Association Magazine, regarding full maintenance contracts and how they help clients achieve stability in energy spends, equipment life, and reduced downtime.   CLICK HERE TO READ IT!
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Before and After: A Case Study in Good Maintenance

It's been shown time and time again that good maintenance leads to major benefits: Up to 30% reduction in Energy Costs For every dollar spent on maintenance, four dollars of repair work is deferred Good maintenance leads to longer equipment lifespans We wanted to share a 'before and after' example of an Absorption Chiller that…
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