Chiller Services

Enginuity is the only non-OEM Mechanical Service Company in the Mid-State of Pennsylvania that boasts over a dozen factory-trained former OEM Chiller Service Technicians. Capable of anything from a complete overhaul, to a compressor retrofit, SMARDT frictionless systems, ArticChill, Danfoss, Turbocor, Non-OEM Control Panel Retrofits - and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Our technicians are trusted by our clients because each has years upon years of experience with Trane, McQuay, Daikin, Carrier, York, JCI, MultiStack, and more! Whether it's a process chiller, a chiller for comfort cooling, or an MRI Chiller at your medical facility, our team brings reliability and efficiency to your Chillers.

To Our Clients: Governor Wolf has deemed HVAC & Plumbing Services as 'essential' for life-sustaining operations in the State of PA. If you require HVAC or Plumbing Service during this time, we are still open for business and ready to help. Call us at 717-796-9226