Designing Healthier Community Spaces


Our experts use the same technologies and strategies as hospitals and cleanrooms to effectively turn your building into a safe space - circulating air far cleaner than your own home.

We employ a full time WELL-AP Certified engineer, and we're deeply invested in training and technology that improves the health and safety of your building and its occupants. We have the equipment and personnel to get started immediately.

We begin by thoroughly assessing your facility. Our engineers examine your HVAC systems, review ventilation rates and design solutions for a healthier environment.

In most projects, this means:

  • Super-efficient filters to trap contaminants
  • UV Lighting to kill microorganisms
  • Bipolar Ionization of conditioned air to drastically reduce bacteria, viruses, fungi, allergens, and dust particles.

We also review all common spaces, restrooms, and kitchens - updating things like your faucets and doorknobs to make your facilities as touch-free as possible. COVID-19 has raised unprecedented concern over the health and safety of public spaces. Businesses that take proactive steps to address these concerns will not only rebound faster - they'll be doing their part to protect employees, customers and communities.

Research Regarding Virus Control & BiPolar Ionization

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In the Press

BiPolar Ionization Laboratory Studies

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How BPI Works

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Virus Control

Building Wellness Standards

  • What is a WELL AP? [PDF]

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