Enginuity will provide world-class customer service while continuously and aggressively improving how we do business.

Enginuity will be the leading mechanical systems innovator: Creating world-class solutions that incorporate cutting-edge technology and pioneering techniques in order to assure our clients receive the highest performing, sustainable facilities. We will achieve “Best in Class” profitability and will have top-of-mind recognition by our community as the best place to work.

Our Promise
We promise to provide real value by solving your problem or building your vision using proven and innovative engineering solutions.

Prioritized Core Values
Roy Disney, Disney's Chief Operating Officer, once said, "If your values are in order, decision making is easy." The core values are the soul of a company; ours are here in this order:

  1. Safety: We value the safety of our employees and customers above everything
  2. Honesty: We maintain integrity in all our actions both internal and external
  3. Customer Service: This is the core of our business. We will go beyond the call in everything we do inside and outside the office to make the services we render memorable and create deep customer loyalty.
  4. Profit: Earning a fair profit keeps us in business, provides comfort and opportunities for our associates and allows us to fulfill value #5.
  5. Community Service: We encourage our employees to serve to the community. We will promote their efforts by being flexible with time and supporting their charities financially.