Feed The Children Retrofit


A generous corporation donated a 1 million square foot building to the not-for-profit Feed the Children, and better yet, was willing to pay to have the building separated from the corporation's campus-wide central plant. Feed the Children didn't need all 1 million square feet, so they wanted a stand-alone HVAC system that would provide flexibility to lease sections of the warehouse to tenants.


Enginuity has a long relationship with REM Engineering, who was commissioned by Feed the Children to design and install the HVAC system required to meet the donor's request to separate the donated warehouse from the remaining central plant. REM handled the heating portion of the project, and relied upon Enginuity's expertise to handle cooling side. In order to keep cost to a minimum, Enginuity surveyed the existing system to determine what could be re-used. The processes included in the former operation required an ammonia system. Enginuity recognized that the existing ammonia piping system could be utilized for chilled water, and designed a system that was more cost-effective than installing new piping. 800 tons of cooling capacity was installed to cool the office areas. Since completion of the work, Enginuity has supported Feed the Children with additional design work to help configure the system for new tenants.

"Jim Mooney and Jim Elash had been just what the doctor ordered. Feed the Children had taken ownership of a one million square foot facility for a dollar plus the liability of making it affordable for a non-profit to occupy. The well executed plan and professionalism shown by Enginuity made it possible to take care of Feed the Children's immediate needs and gave them capacity for expansion."

"Enginuity has since and will continue to examine our needs as they arise."

Rick Hecimovich
Spark Management Inc.
Owner's Representative

Key Project Characteristics:

  • Design/build
  • Renovation
  • Value engineering

Client: Feed The Children, Elkhardt, IN

Rick Hecimovich, Owner's Rep

REM Engineering, Roswell, GA

Size: $500,000

Contract: Design/Build

Start: January 2004

Complete: April 2004

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