Lindt Chocolate


In 2014, Lindt USA, a 170-year-old Swiss chocolatier, leased a 450,000 square-foot warehouse in South Middleton Township, Cumberland County to house its third distribution center and second Lindt USA retail factory store. The warehouse/distribution building required tightly controlled temperature and humidity conditions. Enginuity designed customized mechanical and plumbing solutions, installing this massive project in just six months.

"Enginuity had to do extensive thermal engineering, paying particular attention to moisture control. They dealt with extraordinary requirements -- a chocolate product that is highly sensitive to temperature and a building that was designed as a dry warehouse. They did a terrific job identifying the most efficient system, including the installation of a piping system that allows for cooling pumps to run 25 percent more efficiently." - Michael Alderman, Liberty Property Trust


Enginuity faced a unique engineering opportunity — converting a warehouse shell into a refrigerated distribution center. Maintaining 55˚F temperature and less than 65% Relative Humidity (RH) is critical for Lindt’s quality assurance.

The challenge was delivering just the right supply air temperature. Cooling to this level is tricky. If the temperature and RH are not strictly regulated, the building will condense water on the inside, creating rust on steel and slippery concrete floors.

In addition to the refrigeration and piping components, Enginuity’s control system monitors forty locations in the warehouse and alerts Enginuity, Lindt officials, and the building’s owner (Liberty Property Trust) if these parameters exceed the desired range.
In the end, energy savings result from the high efficiency chillers, low friction Aquatherm piping, and Variable Frequency Drives, which control the speed of the HVAC motors in response to changing warehouse conditions.

Efficient piping system allows cooling pumps to operate 25% more efficiently.

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